In Deep

You are my heart,
mi corazon.
Wherever I am, you are
within me.

You are my dream.
My reverie
this afternoon, a human
touch at midnight.

You are my soul, my anima, my muse,
and I know from before I was born
until after I die that wherever I go
you lead me.

And yet, you’re you.
I know that, too.

You have your own
heart, dream, and soul
I can only hope to enter.

Can only hope that one
day soon, as summer dies
and fall comes on,
maybe Tuesday or Saturday morning,
you’ll look out your kitchen window
at the leaves turning gold
on your maple tree
and and think of our time

And as you do
I hope you’ll find
I’m in you, too.

In deep
and real
and true.

Hear it:




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