Talking Peace

A person who listens and feels
and thinks, then speaks and acts,

Will not believe them when they say
that war is fought for peace, or claim
this weapon system saves more lives,
to justify one final lie:
No cost too great!  No price too high!

Will understand that torn off heads
aren’t worth a dime,
on ours or on the other side.

Will call to God for explanations,
and hearing none, will look within
the soul that is in every man
and every woman, every child,
in every bud on every branch,
in every root in every grave.

Will give it voice in measured words
and clear-eyed vision of the day
we work together in the way
that water flows and moons revolve,
relentless and in harmony,
to end the hate and butchery . . .

To heal the earth.
To mend the sky.


Hear it:



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